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“I get frequent headaches and migraines from my stressful job and raising 2 kids. I look forward to my twice a month chakra tune-ups with Briggitte. At the end of the session, my headache is usually gone or a lot better and I feel much lighter! - Ann Q.

Hoag Hospital Reiki Circle

After Treatment Survey Comments 
Anonymous Cancer Patient:

"Thank you, very helpful in my recovery.

I am so thankful for the blessing of reiki; I wish more people could experience this blessing.

I experienced the opening of blockages of energy and the freely flowing throughout. Keep offering this; it is extremely beneficial to my healing and wellbeing! I could feel how healing reiki was to my surgical area. I wish I would have started at the beginning of treatment. Feeling peace flow through me. This was amazing. Brigitte was excellent! I will be back."

“I have Parkinson's and the medication makes my mind feel loopy. Reiki clears my mind and helps me feel better, especially when Briggitte does a long Reiki session.” - Larry K.

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