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Autism & Reiki

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Autism & Reiki

The Power of Reiki on Autism and ADD/ADHD

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex, lifelong developmental condition that typically appears in the first two years of life and can impact a person’s social skills, communication, relationships, and self-regulation. According to The Autism Society, the prevalence of autism in the United States has risen from 1 in 125 children in 2010 to 1 in 54 in 2020. The Autism experience is different for everyone. It is defined by a certain set of behaviors and is often referred to as a “spectrum condition” that affects people differently and to varying degrees. (*1)

Some of the symptoms of autism spectrum disorders may include:

  • Unwillingness to make eye contact.

  • Focused interests in specific topics or objects.

  • Attachment to routines or specific settings.

  • Repetitive behaviors or speech.

  • Unusual tone of voice.

  • Unusual responses to other peoples’ emotions.

  • Unable to have fluent two-way conversation.


How Can Reiki Help with ASD?

Studies and anecdotal reports indicate that Reiki may provide a number of benefits to people who receive Reiki sessions on a regular basis.(*2)

Some of the benefits that may be helpful for people with ASD may include:

  • A chance to connect with another person in a different way.

  • Reduced stress and anxiety.

  • Healthier sleep patterns.

  • More control over the disorder.

Reiki is not a cure for autism/Asperger’s, but it can focus on some of the issues that autistic children face such as:

* sleep troubles
* relaxation
* anxiety
* stress
* tight muscles
* and with a few treatments, even some behavioral changes are often noted.

Reiki is a soothing, holistic treatment for autism, Asperger’s ADD/ADHD and related issues that can be done without even touching the child if they are extremely touch sensitive, stranger-shy, or hyperactive. This is particularly important as autistic children are often averse to touch, are sensory sensitive or have elements of hyperactivity woven into their complex behaviors.

Part of the difficulty with autism is the intense anxiety – worry over social communication, anxiety during transitions, anxiety when dealing with changes of the smallest degree. It makes it challenging to fall asleep and stay asleep. Headaches and stomach- aches are plentiful in these children. Reiki can aid to calm the fears of these very-anxious souls. It is not unusual for autistic children to have improved sleep patterns after the first treatment. Reiki can work without getting in the way of either conventional or alternative treatments.(*3)

Reiki can enable relaxation, reduce pain, speed healing, and improve some symptoms.

Reiki healing treatments are therefore amazing for helping overly-anxious autistic spectrum children (& adults), those with ADHD, ADD, ODD and similar difficulties in understanding the world as is expected by the 'norm'. They can also benefit from being taught, even the basics, of self-Reiki so daily they take time to induce calm thoughts and feelings.  It helps them to realise, even in a small way, that it can take time to be calm, that it does not come naturally to most of us. When children are in a classroom struggling with learning issues, as their brain processes the information differently, then they can take time out to breathe and perform, even some, of the hand positions. It is about getting them to understand there is nothing bad or 'wrong' with them, their make-up just means they do things differently to get to the end result.


This Energy Healing is a natural and safe method of healing and self-improvement and so can help with their development.  If the child is hyperactive, unsure of strangers or extremely sensitive to touch then the treatment can be performed a few inches from their bodies, without touch or across the room, at a distance. As I sometimes find with animals, this does not make the session any less powerful, distance reiki produces just as great results. It can be common for children with autism to fall asleep during a session, as they become relaxed and at ease. Autism is such a complex condition, the levels vary by individual so different foods, treatments and teachings needs to be used. In contrast, Reiki should work for all levels, either with the hands-on approach or at a distance, it is not limited by time or space. 


This form of energy healing ignites the immune system, encouraging natural internal healing, assisting in improving the imbalances found particularly in Autistic Spectrum children, such as the mercury levels. Reiki is provided in Hospitals & Treatment Centres throughout the world, one great example is in Great Ormond Street Hospital on the child cancer patients.(*4)

As per the Canadian Reiki Association they describe Reiki as the following:
“The word Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese kanji for universal life-force energy.
Reiki is a Japanese holistic, light-touch, energy-based modality. Working as a support mechanism to the body, Reiki re-establishes a normal energy flow of ki (life force energy) throughout the system, which in turn can enhance and accelerate the body’s innate healing ability. Through a series of hand positions either directly on or just above the body, the energy worker allows for the flow of energy through their body. The client’s body then draws off the amount of energy that is required. The simplicity of a Reiki session may raise some skepticism; however, after experiencing it, many clients keep coming back for more of those relaxing feelings.
Reiki is simple and produces measurable results. It is power, light and love. Reiki transcends the man-made divisions of religion, economics, location, gender, and race.”(*5)

In an article in Autism/Asperger’s Digest Magazine in 2000, Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, PH.D., Coordinator for Integrative Psychiatry and System Medicine, Program in Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona, College of Medicine, Tucson, Arizona, said the following:

“We have done a pilot study of Reiki massage for autistic children. The preliminary results are encouraging, especially when the parents are taught the Reiki along with visualization in between formal appointments with the therapist. The use of Reiki by parents and therapists appears to encourage communication; especially non-verbal communication children are calmer and have less self-stimulation.”(*6)

Another study of Reiki and transcendental meditation showed a significant decrease in post-therapy seizure disorders according to a publication in the Neurological Society of India. (*7)

Reiki can be used in tandem with any other healing modalities that are chosen to help deal with the symptoms of ADD/ADHD/Autism. Understand that Reiki does not take the place of medical care. It is recommended that one see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment one may have. Current studies have shown considerable changes in autistic children who receive Reiki. Reiki helps relieve the side-issues that these individuals face like the inability to fall and stay asleep, anxiety attacks, inability to relax, stress and tight muscles. After a few treatments even behavioral changes are seen.(*5)

Reiki can be adapted to accommodate even the most fidgety of individuals. Reiki can be done without touching if the individual is far too sensitive to touch. In other words, Reiki can be customized to fit anyone’s particular needs. I would love to develop a plan for your individual that is dealing with this. Please contact me through phone or email so we can discuss what would be best for your situation. You can also click to set up a session if you feel they will meet your needs time wise.(*5)







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