What happens during and after a Reiki treatment?

A trained and certified Reiki practitioners places his/her hands above or on the body and "healing energy" is transferred through the practitioner into the client. The practitioner will have you lie on a massage table in a quiet room filled with relaxing music and aromatherapy. You will remain fully clothed during the entire session. People often experience a feeling of deep relaxation and a general sense of well being during and after Reiki sessions. You may feel a pleasant warmth from the practioner's hands as they either touch or hover over different parts of your body, depending on your preference. Reiki sessions generally last about 45 - 60 minutes with the initial consultation taking approximately 2 hours. Reiki has similar benefits as traditional massage.


After the reiki session, the client will feel very relaxed and peaceful. Your chakras (energy centers) in your body will have been balanced. It is important to drink more water for the next couple of days to help remove impurities released from the treatment. Some people may not start noticing any difference until the next day, few days later, or even a week later.


What happens during a Sound treatment?

When appropriate, tuning forks and drums may sometimes be used as part of the sound treatment. The practitioner may drum over the client's entire body at the start of a Reiki session. The vibrations of the drums serve to break up blockages in the energy field.


A tuning fork, sometime two used simultaneously, is struck on a hard surface to initiate the tone or frequency. The stem of the fork is placed on the joint, muscle, or tendon to vibrate for 10 to 20 seconds until the ringing stops to release tension and encourage synovial and lymphatic fluids to flow to the area to promote healing.


What is a Distant Reiki Healing treatment?

Distant Reiki is when a Reiki practitioner sends healing energy to a person who can not attend a Reiki session in person. Distant Reiki Healing treatments are just as can be just as powerful and effective as in-person healing sessions, and can be sent to someone anywhere in the world. Some people are more sensitive to the energy than others but everybody receives the same healing benefit. As long as you are open to the Reiki healing energy being sent to you, it will work.


To send you Distant Reiki, it would be helpful to receive the name and photo of the recipient, and the issue needing Reiki.





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