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Chakra Dance


Chakra Dance is a moving meditation practice that uses specific musical frequencies and tonalities to clear and balance the 7 main chakras. Chakra Dancing allows you to clear, remove, and balance negative or stagnant energies from our 7 chakras. 


Free your spirit with Chakra Dance.  We hold a sacred, safe, and non-judgemental space where you can let go completely into the music. Let your body move however it wants. Experiment with movement. Be playful and inquisitive. Feel the energy course through your body. Leave your ego at the door. Watch how dancing strips away all your barriers and inner resistance. Lose your self consciousness.


After Chakra Dancing, you will feel lighter, free, joyous, and more connected to your body. It even has the potential to remove inner blockages and help the chi flow. With each dance, you are developing an intuitive connection to your source. Dance more and more and see how it changes the way you live your life. It will help with your confidence and connection to your genuine presence. You'll begin to move fluidly through your everyday life, like the dance it truly is!


We will start each class with Chakra Dancing followed by a selections of meditations to calm our bodies and quiet our minds. 

Suggestions: Bring water, a pillow to sit on, a scarf or blindfold, and wear comfortable clothes.


Chakra Dance will be facilitated by Briggitte Mulholland and Claire Fischer.

Cost:  $15/per person 

Dates: Select Saturdays (check Meetup Group Calendar for dates and times)

Location: Huntington Beach Reiki, 3621 West Macarther Blvd., Santa Ana, CA

Upcoming Classes:

Date: Saturday, August 19, 2017

Time: 3-4:30 pm




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